What is telegony?

It is the ability of males to transmit hereditary factors in the offspring of a female without being the progenitor, because the females are impregnated for life, of the hereditary factors of the males with which they have copulated.

In sexed species, the female has the ability to decide which male to mate with, which is an advantage for the female and a disadvantage for the male. The counterweight of this biological disadvantage is the biological advantage of the male due to telegony.

A man with 50 women can have 50 children per year, a woman with 50 men can only have one child per year. Women invest a lot in mating: pregnancy for 9 months, risk of death by birth of a child, care of the baby for years, etc. Men only invest some sperm and leave females impregnated forever, therefore, mating is good business for men.

Due to this biological reality, the reproductive strategy of the female is to look for the male that she considers to be the best provider and protector. and the reproductive strategy of the male is to copulate with as many females as possible. That is, the reproductive strategy of the female is serial and the reproductive strategy of the male is parallel. In the case of the human being, the reproductive strategy of women is known as hypergamy.

Man and woman, have totally opposite reproductive strategies, so the stories of the prince who gets his princess or vice versa, are false constructions sold by the media with some mercantilist interest, that’s why the reality that arranged marriages have more possibility of that they last that the marriages of free election, since if it is of free election before the problems will always exist the possibility of returning to make a free election, and the divorce then is the consequent thing. The emotion of the first encounters that we call “love” is only a passing emotion, which will disappear before the internal clash of two different biological strategies. Love exists, if it is consciously constructed and maintained over time.

Telegony was rejected initially, due to the distortions imposed by Darwin’s evolutionary theory. Hereditary factors can be transmitted both horizontally (between individuals) and vertically (from parents to children). The bacteria exchange genetic material between them. The eukaryotic cells that are modern cells, and the base of animal and human plants, exchange hereditary material horizontally, is something totally verified in the plants.

Telegony is simply an exchange of hereditary material without fertilization, the woman simply receives and incorporates in itself the hereditary material to which it is exposed (seminal flow), this has already been discovered in animals (insects), which is verified in human beings, is only a matter of time, when real scientific studies can be carried out, that do not have to be in accordance with social trends (promiscuity) and government policy (pro feminist).

Telegony, means that the woman is a sponge of hereditary material, that is, a son of a woman who has had relations with several men, has in his body the hereditary material of all the men with whom he has copulated, for all his life, since she incorporate them into your body even in your still unfertilized cells (ovules).

This means that telegony is a social atom bomb, since it has strong implications for the promiscuous society of today. Only having children of a virgin, the man is sure that his son is his. But, it is the son is all the men who copulated with the woman, and ends up paying and raising the children of others.

Telegony also implies that when the woman is free to choose a partner, she will tend to practice hypergamy, looking for the man who seems the best procreator. The hypergamy of women leads to a more violent society, since men now compete much more for the sexual favor of women, men become more violent among themselves and with women. This violent society reinforces the need of women in their youth to seek the most violent man to protect them. When the woman loses her youth, is no longer of sexual interest to the violent procreator, the bad guys, then there is no other option for the woman than to choose one of the males that she rejected in her youth.

The problem of this mature and promiscuous woman, is that she no longer serves as a mother of children for the man who was previously rejected, and who is now accepted as a sexual partner, since the offspring of the promiscuous woman will have hereditary factors of all men with which she copulate in her life.

Telegony would also explain, because the intelligence tests since the 70s, indicate that the population is every generation is more foolish than the previous one. Confusion of hereditary factors due to promiscuous mothers. Idiocracy, a comic science fiction film that ended up being a documentary.

Faced with the reality of the high intelligence of man, and its high lethal power and violence, a violent society ends in its extinction, therefore the human being can only live in peaceful societies. What leaves two options of society:

1. Fully promiscuous sexual relationships, multi – man, multi – woman. where the woman can not deny a man. In other words, the woman loses her natural power to reject a male. The children are cared for and educated throughout society, obviously not by a couple, not by a male.

2. Virginal monogamy imposed by strict social norms. Allowing the woman to maintain her power to decide the male with which she will copulate for all her life. The children are cared for and educated by a couple, with support from society as established by these same social norms.

The most egalitarian societies, which are neither matriarchal nor patriarchal, are societies of virginal monogamous norms imposed (not natural).

In these egalitarian societies, the value of the human being, regardless of sex, is his personal growth, the development of his human values, which are mental values, since the dominion that man has over all other species is by his mental abilities and not because they are faster, stronger or bigger, that is why mental values are much more important than physical values. In second place, from the sexual point of view, for man the value of a woman is dictated by her virginity and fidelity, and her beauty, for women, the value of men is their ability to provide and protect.

On the other hand, in the promiscuous societies of today, for the man and the woman, the value of the human being is only his physical and his money.

The current promiscuous society not only generate violence, but also selfish human beings, who highlight the worst of the human being: lying, deceit and stupidity, since they maximize pleasure in the present for a future of devastating suffering.

The virginal monogamy is a commitment of the couple and of society, where the woman gives up her hypergamy and the man gives up his opportunism, each one gives up his natural selfish behavior. And they get life-long companions, who will complement each other and help raise their children. Society participates, not only by supporting parents in the care and education of their children, but also by caring for virginal monogamy, by imposing severe punishments on men or women, which violate the virginal monogamy of others.