January 6, 2005 in Moscow, was established a sacred military order, that was named the Fraternity of the Holy Cross. Upon the common desire of the brothers the following Patron Saints of the Order were chosen: the hieromartyr Longin, the first Guardian of Calvary, and the Emperor martyr Paul I, the first Russian knight. The main theotokion sacred image of the Order became the Akhtyrka Icon of the Mother of God.

In remembrance that the Holy Vivifying Cross was found in Jerusalem by Queen Helena on May 3, it was decided to celebrate the main holiday on this day. In 2005 the pilgrimage of the Order delegation to the Holy Sepulchre took place. In Jerusalem the Order donated to the Church of the Resurrection and its Calvary Altar some church untensils brought from Russia. Representative office of the Order were opened in the USA.

The year 2006 yielded the Order worldwide recognition. The Knighthood Cross decoration of the Order was awarded to the President of Chile Augusto Pinochet Ugarte and other extremely worthy men. The Vicar of Order during his visit to Rome and Venice presented the Knighthood Crosses to the Grand Master of the Maltese Order and the Grand Master of Teutonic Order. This event is the sign of the God’s goodwill to the newly formed crusader army. In August 2006 the Order delegation visited Constantinople, where it was granted an audience with His All Holiness Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew. The Order was the initiator a recovery the house church of the Saint Apostles Peter and Paul of Mikhailovsky Castle in Saint Petersburg. This church is of special importance to the brothers, as this is the place of villainous murder of the Russian Emperor Paul.

In 2007 the pilgrim delegation of the Order was received by the Primate of the Orthodox Church of Cyprus Archbishop Chrysostom II in his Nicosia residence. Willing to provide the Order with a special shrine, God rewarded us for our humble efforts and on the 16th day of June 2008 , the Holy Spirit Day, the Order was granted a piece of wood of the Holy Vivifying Cross that was placed together with the Order main sacred image Akhtyrka Icon of the Mother of God. In 2009 the Order pilgrim groups delivered to the Holy Land and France a consignment of humanitarian aid of church utensils. The Vicar of Order visited South Korea and the countries of Oceania (Fiji and Tonga). In Tonga the Vicar presented the Knighthood Cross to His Majesty George V King of Tonga. On February, 1st, 2010 in a building of embassy of Vatican in Moscow the knightly Cross of the Order has been handed over Pope Benedict XVI. June 2010. In early summer Vicar of Order paid a visit to Tavolara near Sardinia Island and Vatican. On June 17, 2010 Head of the Royal House of Tavolara Antonio Bertoleoni and Vicar of Order signed an agreement on establishing of allied relations between Tavolara and Order.

On August 7, 2012 the Catholic bishop of the Azores allowed Orthodox priests of the Order to serve in the temples of his diocese during their visits to the archipelago. Since 2012, Order participated in charitable projects of the Fund of the President Pinochet (Chile) and the Foundation of Generalissimo Franco (Spain). In 2013, the Order supported the Royal House of Georgia and created the website of the Bagration dynasty — http://bagrationi.org/. In 2015, the Order has completed the construction of St. Demetrius church in Moscow region and adopted a new name – Order of Jerusalem Cross.

In 2016, the Order created the website of the Royal House of Siberia — http://royalhouseofsiberia.org/. On the 1st day of May 2016, the Easter Sunday, His Highness Prince Igor Sibirsky, Head of the Genghis Khan House of Tsareviches and Princes of Siberia (the Royal House of Siberia) presented the Order of the Jerusalem Cross with the status of a Knightly and Sovereign Order and acknowledged the Vicar as the Sovereign of the Order. On July 2, 2017, the The Royal House of Siberia and the Sovereign Knightly Order of the Jerusalem Cross signed the Treaty on the establishment of allied relations. In 2018, the representative offices of the Order were opened in Austria and Estonia. In 2019, the representative office of the Order were opened in Belarus, was approved the new Statute of the Order, Declaration of Revival of the Kingdom of Jerusalem and the Regulations on the Court of Honor.

The main shrine of our Order: Akhtyrka Icon of the Mother of God
with the forthcoming centurion Longin and the Emperor Paul


The history of knighthood is rich in various military orders of most sophisticated denominations. The Templars were the knights of the Temple, the Knights of Malta were known as Hospitallers for their activities at the Clinic, the Order of the Holy Sepulchre speaks for itself, the Teutonic Order was devoted to Saint Mary, not to mention the numerous orders such as the Order of St. Michael of the Wing, the Order of the Golden Fleece, of the Garter, of Honor, of the Crown, etc. But never in the history of knightly orders has there been any order devoted to the Holy Cross.

Not once for 900 years! So let us rejoice Brothers, for we are the first in this!

The heroic past of knightly orders is still an object of interest for belletrists and cinematographers. Unfortunately, it often becomes an instrument in the hands of imposters and fraudsters claiming their rights to the regalia of Crusaders. Today, knighthood is still in demand. But we do prefer butter to margarine, which in the foregoing context means that the Truth is a priority. Our Order is quite young and yet not widely known. We cannot boast of a rich history of struggle against Saracens and Pagans. And no fortresses and castles bestowed by kings and dukes, alas! What we do possess is our attitude; which, however, is not shared neither by some of the knightly orders existing in the modern multicultural world, nor by most of the issue of those aristocratic families that have survived the revolutionary genocide.

A knightly order is an instrument of war, a community of warriors. Therefore, we do not consider ourselves as a volunteer movement giving out pampers and dinners to alcohol and drug addicts and young idlers with suicidal ideation. We are not concerned about the careful attitude to African refugees and the civil rights of sodomites.

We do struggle against the destruction of the essential family values and the feminist rage. We do call for the global counteraction to the Islamic threat. Moreover, we do feel bare disgust to any kind of leftist and communist gangs that continue to impregnate the mass consciousness with their false slogans and dreams about the partition of another’s property. We do believe that the mankind will be cured through a great struggle under the flags of the assaulting legions of the New Crusade – the Crusade of Purification and of the New Reconquista.