We know that Richard not only heroically stormed Acre, but also slaughtered the hostages. And we know that Saladin showed a rare nobility. Both sides fought very brutally — this is a fact, both sides had their own ideals and on both sides there were people who fought for them to the last drop of blood — this is also a fact, and Muslims also had «some kind of truth» — and this is also a fact.

But this does not prevent us from being 100% on the side of the crusaders, simply because we belong to the same European Christian civilization as they did, and they defended this European Christian civilization. They are ours for us; the Saracens are strangers. It does not follow from this that the Crusaders were sinless and flawless, nor does it follow that the Saracens were pure evil incarnate. Simply — we are not interested in the question of «the truth from the other side», because we have our own truth and we do not need someone else’s, and each his own. And when arises the question «Crusaders or Saracens?», the answer is obvious, despite any «ambiguities».

On the 9th day of December 1917 the Englishmen, having destroyed the Turkish army, entered Jerusalem. Thus ended the epoch of the Muslim governing over the Holy Land that had lasted from 1291, when the last bulwark of the Kingdom of Jerusalem, Crusaders of Acre, had been defeated.

In 1922 Great Britain was granted a mandate for Palestine approved by the League of Nations, which was explained by the necessity to establish the required political, administrative and economic conditions in the country for the secure creation of the Jewish state.

On the 29th of November 1947 the United Nations Organization approved the Partition Plan for Palestine. The plan called for the Mandate to end no later than 1 August 1948 and recommended to create two states within the concerned territory: the Jewish and the Arab one. Jerusalem and Bethlehem, according to the UNO decision, were expected to become a territory subject t international control to avoid any possible conflicts regarding the said cities’ status. The approval of such plan became possible due to the fact that it was supported by two major States, the USSR and the USA. The 11th of May 1949 was the date of recognition of the State of Israel as a member of the UNO.

The aforesaid historical data make it possible to assert that after Jerusalem was conquered by the British army in 1917, neither Great Britain, nor any other country ever aimed at the recovery of the Crusader Kingdom of Jerusalem. The political world was concerned about the rights of the Hebrews. Stalin’s Bolshevist regime and the Freemasons’ lodge in the USA occurred to be the creators of the State of Israel. Jerusalem and Bethlehem were not taken under the international control and still remain the apple of discord between the Jewish and the Arab people.

There are numerous opinions trying to explain, why the carnage in the Middle East, lasting throughout the 20th century and continuing in our early 21st century, cannot stop. The Jews and the Muslims see the solution of the problem from different angles. And all the attempts to reconcile the two peoples remain useless.

Modern analysts approach the problem without taking into account the sacral and the legal aspects. The Crusader Kingdom of Jerusalem, initially created to be devoted to our Lord Jesus Christ, cannot be replaced by a state of Jews and Muslims. A genuine Christian will never accept a Jewish Israel or an Arab Palestine.

One can endlessly argue claiming that the Kingdom of God is in heaven and not on Earth and that Jerusalem is the city of three religions. But still! Both the Orthodox and the Catholic know that there was a time when Jerusalem used to be their native land and not the place of obedient humility as it is nowadays. Obedient no to God but to the population, often hostile. It is the aliens who determine the rights and obligations of pilgrims, the temples visiting time, and who dispose of the land soaked in the blood of the Defenders of the Holy Cross and Sepulcher. Let us not delude ourselves into thinking with a blissful smile that it does not matter.

Today the subject of the revival of the Kingdom of Jerusalem is considered by the world multicultural community as a delirium of the insane. And there are reasons for this. Many of us fear to oppose to the State of Israel. Europe, the cradle of the Christian culture, readily denies the traditional values, welcoming hordes of Muslim immigrants to its lands. And the new “liberal” Revelations spread by the Judaist lobby totally oust the Gospel truths. It becomes politically incorrect to be a Christian. The timidity before the powers that be, and before the millions of adherents of the Arabian cattleman makes the faithful allies of the kingdom, the remaining knight orders, and Vatican forget the mission of the Kingdom recovery. Moreover, Israel and the Holy See established diplomatic relations on June 15, 1994. By doing so, Vatican totally renounced the historical inheritance of the Kingdom of Jerusalem having recognized of LEGITIMACY the state of Israel. They did not even attempt to bargain on the sovereign status of the Vatican buildings and lands in the territory of Israel.

The Military Order of Malta and the Military Order of the Holy Sepulcher originating from the Kingdom of Jerusalem humbly obeyed the authority of the Roman clergy and the Israeli officials, contenting themselves with the miserable status of religious and charitable associations courting pilgrims.

When armies retreat, the time comes for lonely heroes. Do they exist, those Defenders of the Crusader spirit? Yes, they do. And they still honorably bear the title of the Kings of Jerusalem. The three of them are: King Felipe VI of Spain, Karl von Habsburg (the Imperial House of Austria), and Prince Vittorio Emanuele of Savoy (the Savoy House). Let us not concentrate on why there are several candidates to one historical throne. There is something more important than that.

Diplomatic relation between Spain and Israel were established on 17 January 1986. In October 2011 Crown Prince Felipe of Spain and his spouse Princess Letizia arrived in Israel for a two days’ official visit to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the diplomatic relations. It means that King Juan Carlos I of Spain (father of Felipe VI) who abdicated from the throne in 2014 in favor of his son, ceased himself, since 1986, to be the titular king of Jerusalem, for, having recognized and established the diplomatic relations with Israel, he lost his right (if any) to the Jerusalem crown.

The Head of the Imperial House of Austria believes that he has the right to the title of the king of Jerusalem. It may be true but the problem is that in 1961 (having received a generous compensation from the authorities of the Republican Austria) Crown Prince Otto von Habsburg waived his rights to the throne, and for that, was allowed to return to Austria in 1966 and became a citizen of the Austrian Republic. His son Karl von Habsburg became «Head» of the Imperial House of Austria in 2007. The Habsburgs have sold their monarchial rights and have become citizens of the republic, thus losing any rights to the throne FOREVER of their own free will!!!

The Savoy House underwent a similar scenario. On October 23, 2002 the provision of the Italian constitution prohibiting of the men of the Royal House from entering or staying on Italian territory was canceled. Vittorio Emanuele of Savoy, the son of the last king of Italy, concluded a deal with the Italian government where he recognized the Republic and waived any rights to the throne.

It might be objected that, having waived their succession rights to the Austrian and the Italian throne respectively, the said persons still have not abdicated from the crown of Jerusalem. However, the problem is that the rights to the throne of Jerusalem allegedly derived (according to the Habsburgs and the Savoy’s) from their monarchial rights in Austria and Italy. Having lost one, and lost another.

By way of conclusion it may be summarized that the centuries-long history of the titular kings of Jerusalem has come to an ignominious end.

We will not assert that we know how to revive the Jerusalem throne and recover the Holy Land. We admit that the process may take centuries. Maybe, as a punishment for our sins, our Good Lord will not give Palestine to the authority of the Christianity. But inactivity means commitment of another crime. Such a sin is unforgiveable to those who believe themselves knights and crusaders.

In view of the fact that neither the ancient Christian knight orders, nor the Holy See, nor the “candidates” to the throne of Jerusalem set the objective to recover the Kingdom of Jerusalem, we, the members of the Sovereign Knightly Order of the Jerusalem Cross, undertake such mission and take a VOW AND OBEDIENCE. We invite the interested persons to join us in our initiative.

Should the task thus set ever be fulfilled with the help of God, the persons participating in the recovery of the Kingdom shall nominate the candidate worthy of the crown, in compliance with the regulations and laws of Jerusalem. Meanwhile, let us do our best and make every effort to bring this day closer. The propagation of the Kingdom recovery concept shall henceforth become the sacred duty of every member of our Order.

When Jerusalem fell down under the strikes of Saladin’s hordes, the crusaders moved away to the shore of the Holy Land and there they went on safeguarding the kingdom that became smaller and smaller after each Saracen intrusion. The Christians had to move from the conquered Acre to Cyprus that became afterwards the Kingdom of Cyprus and of Jerusalem at the same time. But after Cyprus was turned into a Venetian colony in 1489, the crusader kingdom was simply forgotten.

This historical experience creates a legal precedent and shows that it is possible to recover the Kingdom of Jerusalem in any part of the world. Everywhere where we, through labor and exploit, would acquire sovereign plot of land could be rightfully called his part of the Kingdom of Jerusalem.

The 7th day of April 2019. Moscow.