I will go to Mecca taking with them a great many soldiers, like a black night. I will take possession of this city and will erect a throne for the Best of the Sons of Man, and then I will make my way towards Jerusalem. I will conquer the Orient and the Occident to spread the Christian religion everywhere.
(Emperor Nikephoros Phokas)

A knightly order is an instrument of war, a community of warriors. Therefore, we do not consider ourselves as a volunteer movement giving out pampers and dinners to alcohol and drug addicts and young idlers with suicidal ideation. We are not concerned about the careful attitude to African refugees and the civil rights of sodomites.

Empire, patriarchy and traditionalist conservatism. This is what we want to build, protect and disseminate.

We humbly accept the division of people into races and the burden of a leader placed by the Creator on the white man.

We recognize as legitimate only monarchical rule and support the restoration of the estate’s hierarchy. The power of the aristocracy of warriors instead of the omnipotence of capital and bureaucracy.

We are intransigent opponents of the destroyers of family values and the feminist madness. We do call for the total counteraction to the Islamic threat.

We are enemies of the left, communist and masonic ideology, which continues to instill in the minds of the crowd false slogans and dreams of dividing someone else’s property.

We believe that the mankind will be cured through a great struggle under the flags of the assaulting legions of the New Crusade – the Crusade of Purification and of the New Reconquista.