The Sovereign Knightly Order of the Jerusalem Cross in charitable projects of the
Fund of the President Pinochet (Chile) and the Fund of Generalissimo Franco (Spain).


President Pinochet Foundation

Santiago, 8 May 2012

Dear Sirs, The Fraternity of the Holy Cross

We hereby certify your participation in the Pinochet Foundation as affiliated members of our Institution.

It is of great importance for us that we can count on your support in the question of defense of historical truth and in preservation of the legacy of President Pinochet for our country and for the history of nations.

So it is herewith certified that THE FRATERNITY OF THE HOLY CROSS represented by ALEXANDER SERGEEV-ZARNADZE is an honored member of the FUNDACION PRESIDENTE PINOCHET.

In our turn, we would like to express our gratitude for the financial support contributed by you for the purpose of realization of diverse activities that the Pinochet Foundation will consider appropriate, including social aid to the youth by financing their higher education, cultural activities, maintenance of museums, libraries, and aid to communities facing social risks.

Thank you again for your indispensable support from distant lands, for you recognition of the legacy of President Pinochet. With kindest regards,

Rodrigo Iturriaga Delgado

Director President Pinochet Foundation




Mr. Alexander Sergeev-Zarnadze

Madrid, 20 March 2015

My dearest friend,

By this letter I would like to express my profound gratitude for your memory of my father, the Generalissimus, which you demonstrated by joining the Francisco Franco National Foundation that I have the honor to preside. Our Foundation carries out notable activities: a very important archive of our documents is often visited by resarchers, including foreign ones; about six hundred users consult our webpage daily; we hold conferences, edit and sell books, including one magazine, which will be sent to you regularly. While doing all that, we have to struggle with various anti-historical manipulations, to preserve the testimony and memory for the History that will surely do justice to those times and to the common effort of the Spanish people who became the heroes of their epoch.

Please accept my warmest regards,

Duchess de Franco

fff1Vicar of the Order visited the Franco Foundation in Madrid